No-Code Intelligence Jumpstart Workshop

Get More from Your Business Data without a Line of Code

Web 3.0 has changed how businesses do things. With no-code tools, businesses have the power to be more agile and impactful. Explore how a no-code business intelligence platform can transform decision-making. 

See how your business can derive intelligence from your data without a single line of code.

Join us and a stellar set of industry experts to learn how your business can grow 10X faster with a no-code BI Platform. There are Amazon Gift Cards to be won. Please sign up for Lumenore and attend the workshop to avail the voucher.

Day: Thursday, September 23, 2021

Time: 12PM EST

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Deriving Business Intelligence without a Single Line of Code 

Sustainable growth needs more than data - it needs agility, creativity and scalability. No-code business intelligence can deliver the power needed to inspire your team and draw the right insights. Learn how the three tenets of a no-code BI platform - AI-driven analytics, conversational intelligence, and one-click connectivity - can increase revenue at organizations of any size and in any industry! 


  • Enable all team members to become data scientists with simple but powerful, augmented analytics
  • Acquire insights 20X faster with true DIY, no-code conversational querying
  • Leverage tailored business recommendations from cutting-edge ML algorithms

The Agenda

  • Discover how businesses can solve challenging problems without investing efforts into coding
  • Learn how a no-code BI platform can accelerate collaboration, self-reliance and bottom-line revenue 
  • See how AI-based conversational querying and ML-powered algorithms can deliver timely, personalized insights in the way users naturally communicate in business environments without the need to code
  • Find out how you can optimize and actualize organizational intelligence with a BI platform that is truly self-service

The Speakers


Varun Gaur

Director, Product Management

Varun has over 13 years of experience rallying teams to turn product vision into powerful products that serve millions of users worldwide. At Lumenore, he leads product development.


Saurabh Mishra

Director, Data Analytics

Saurabh has been at the helm of system architecture and analytics for over 15 years, building analytical products across industries like financial services and consulting. He heads data analytics products at Lumenore.

Distill data into decision, with Lumenore

Our goal is to democratize business intelligence by simplifying and automating the intelligence gathering process - giving you a single-pane view into your organization. With Lumenore, we help you empower teams across your organization to collaborate and make data-driven decisions in a no-code environment.