Each year, BI and analytics platforms deploy a host of new, powerful features to help organizations get better insights. 2021 has brought even more impressive features to fore as Forrester notes in their report, Now Tech: Augmented BI Platforms, Q2 2021, authored by Forrester VP, Principal Analyst Boris Evelson. However, traditional BI platforms are not enough in this age - organizations need an augmented BI platform. Augmented BI platforms utilize artificial intelligence to bring together data from all sources and integrated analysis that truly powers decision-making.

Lumenore was featured as an augmented BI vendor that has moved past traditional analytics and offers more extensive capabilities. Our differentiation continues to be our no-code platform designed to democratize organizational intelligence by delivering augmented analytics to anyone on your team - with one-click.

For us, the recognition from a leading research and advisory firm reaffirms our conviction in the future of business intelligence - it is evolving towards deriving high-impact, easily actionable insights. That’s why in 2021, we are focusing our product investments in two critical areas that empower more people and organizations to get their jobs done faster.

  • More Augmented Analytics: We want to help your teams to drive business growth by offering them a powerful BI solution that can churn intelligence for speedy and better decision-making.
  • Increased Simplicity: We continue to make it easier for all types of users — analysts, non-technical business users, developers — to build organizational intelligence with Lumenore.

Our product vision is aligned with our anti-dashboard philosophy - which emphasizes building intelligence over dashboards, and empowers business users to make better decisions. Amit Soni, our EVP and CTO, notes, “Lumenore is bringing together advanced analytics, Google search-like querying, and AI-powered recommendations tailored to the user's business needs. We want to reduce data complexity, and give our users fast and easy access to intelligence they need for critical business decisions.”

We look forward to building on our momentum by delivering even more value to existing and future customers of Lumenore.

Scores of businesses use Lumenore to build organizational intelligence that powers their decision-making. We are excited to add another feather to the cap with this recognition.